How We’re Making “File Transfer” Far Less Complicated

Video and image quality are more important now than ever to photographers and videographers. A Conviva research study revealed that millennials are likely to skip over low-quality video. “Video services that can’t appease millennial demand for a smooth experience risk losing their audience,” emarketer wrote.

Several apps and solutions have been created to address this problem specifically. iPhone users can use Airdrop to transfer files from an iPhone to a Mac, or between iPhones. Similar services like Pushbullet’s Portal app and Filedrop make it easy to share files as long as you have a wifi connection.

Other apps are focusing on re-sizing images to make it easier to send them via email or SMS. JPEGmini is an app that re-compresses JPEG files up to 80 percent. Today TechRadar published a feature on the app, which is supposed to make it easier for photographers to compress images and retain image quality. It’s no secret that smaller image sizes make it easier to transfer and share images between devices, (not to mention epitomize the editing process.) The JPEGmini premium app is available on iTunes, and costs $19.99. Users can download the free version, but are only allowed to re-size up to 20 images a day at no cost.

The file transfer solutions mentioned above make it easier to move media, but most of them come with a catch. Airdrop, Portal, and Filedrop work best with a wifi connection, and are mostly designed for sharing smaller-sized files. If you need to re-size more than 20 images a day, JPEGmini is an expensive option. Also, the app only works with photos. So, if video is your thing, you’ll need to find another way to transfer your files while retaining quality.

Wispeo combines the best features from every file sharing solution.

You can use Wispeo for free, and you can transfer as many files as you need to at any give time. You really don’t need to resize your photos to make them easier to transfer, either. If you use Wispeo, you can send large files in their original format. In fact, you can send up to 3GB of files at a time, and they’ll reach their destination in the highest quality regardless of their size.

Want to see for yourself? Give it a try at

Wispeo is now mobile! Get the easiest way to share videos and photos from your phone in the App Store or from Google Play.

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