Featured Creative: German Photographer Alex Gaflig

lex Gaflig is a self-proclaimed man of few words, but his photos speak volumes. Capturing everything from German towns and landscapes to modern architecture, Alex shares his love of photography with us through his images.

I love high places, rooftops, castle walls, and rocks because it gives me the feeling of freedom, and most people are scared to stand or sit there, so I have no annoying people in front of my shots =)

Dreamy Morning - Hallstatt, Austria RESIZED

W: Can you tell us how you got your start?

AG: Actually, I was always interested in taking pictures, but I never had professional equipment.

One day a friend of mine (Fabian Leitz who also takes pictures) asked me if I had some experience in photography because he knew I was interested. He went to San Diego for studying and wanted to buy a camera. So we both bought one, he got a Nikon and I bought a Sony, then we started to try some things.

Just a building - Frankfurt, Germany RESIZED

W: What is your biggest inspiration?

AG: I always liked wonderful night or landscape pictures as desktop backgrounds, then I discovered some platforms like 500px, which are a great source of inspiration. Awesome photographers out there. Through this platform I also met a lot of people who want to do photo trips, so it never gets boring.

Castle on the hill - Castle Hohenzollern, Germany RESIZED

W: How would you describe your style? Do you have any special techniques? Do they define your style?

AG: I try out a lot of things – night shots, mostly long exposures, travel pictures, different POVs and sometimes portraits. I wanted to take pictures with my camera that I couldn’t take with my smartphone.

Where did i put my book - Library, Stuttgart, Germany RESIZED

W: What kind of equipment do you use?

AG: I started with an APSC Camera, the Sony A57, mostly used wide angle and the fisheye lens. Recently I bought a Sony Alpha 7, my first fullframe camera. I have some legacy lenses because you can adapt them easily, buy them for good prices and manual focusing is often funny.

Castle Belvedere, Vienna, Austria RESIZED

W: What challenges have you had to overcome in this industry? How do you see your career progressing?

AG: Well, because it’s just a hobby I have not had any career-dependent challenges yet. I was able to sell some pictures and it would be cool if I had that chance more often. The best thing that could ever happen is to have some of my pictures in a gallery or magazine!

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia RESIZED

W: Where are your favorite spots to shoot?

AG: I love high places, rooftops, castle walls, and rocks because it gives me the feeling of freedom, and most people are scared to stand or sit there, so I have no annoying people in front of my shots =) And of course places with a good sight on a skyline, castles or a fantastic landscape. I take pictures, but I also want to enjoy the places.

Stari Most, Mostar, Bosnia RESIZED

W: Tell us the story behind one of the photos we’re featuring. Why did you choose that photo to send?

AG: As you maybe already mentioned, I’m not a man of many words, my pictures speak for themselves – or at least I hope so =)

I think the funniest and coolest picture is the Horseshoe Bend picture. I’ve never been at such a cool place – just naked nature, impressive massive rocks, no fences – nothing. The feeling was incredible. You just feel free, you can walk on the edge, you are free – everything is your decision.

Wohoo - Horseshoe Bend, USA RESIZED

You can connect with Alex through the following accounts:

500px: https://500px.com/AlexGaflig

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexander.gaflig

Instagram: https://instagram.com/fuuaack/

Email: alexander.gaflig@gmail.com

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