Featured Creative: Ryan Allred

yan Allred’s work is distinguished by his desire to capture the natural motion of nature. He takes time to set up his shots – preferring to do as little editing as possible.

Sometimes I find spots like these just off the road, that people drive or walk by everyday. Taking time to slow down and look, really pays off.

W: Can you tell us how you got your start?
RA: I used to be a huge mountain biker and loved to carry around a point and shoot camera to capture my surroundings. I always wanted to get more into it, but never really did because I was so into riding. Once I was diagnosed with Crohns disease I wasn’t able to mountain bike. This gave me the opportunity to reevaluate what I wanted to do as a hobby to get me outside and explore. I bought a DSL on sale and then it began. I have only been shooting seriously or a year and a half. I have been revisiting the places that I have rode on foot, slower yes but I see all that I missed.


W: What is your biggest inspiration?
RA: People around me for sure. We all have trials in our lives and we can fight or loose the battle. That pushes me to get out even when it’s a battle and I usually feel better when I do and that is mostly psychological. I am really inspired by the landscape around me, living in Utah there is beauty and nature to explore all around me. History is a big influence too. I love taking pictures of old buildings, they have so much caricature and craftsmanship in them. I also look to other photographers on Instagram and Flicker to be inspired.



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