Marketing Tips For Startups (Or What We’ve Learned So Far)

Deciding what steps to take when launching a marketing campaign for a startup can be a big challenge. Believe us, we know the feeling. But building a brand is also a lot of fun, and gives content marketers the opportunity to get creative.

There are several rules we’ve relied on as we’ve constructed our brand message here at Wispeo. We wanted to write about our experience with a few of these tried and tested tips… and we also want to talk about all the times we’ve broken the standard rules and gotten even better results.

Know Your Brand
All good marketers know the importance of understanding their company’s brand and its assets. In most cases, a company’s real assets remain the same no matter what strategies content marketers employ to increase user engagement and public awareness. Knowing what your company has to offer is the first step towards an effective marketing strategy.

Our company makes it really easy to send big files – securely, easily, and in the highest quality. You can send any kind of attachment on, but there are special features on the site that were designed specifically to make sending large video files really easy. Some of Wispeo’s biggest perks are its video transcoding options. With Wispeo, you can make sure that your video gets to your recipient in the highest quality and in the correct format.

So we began marketing Wispeo with our unique brand assets in mind. We wanted to take a step away from the techie jargon and help our users understand that “file transfer” is a lot easier than it sounds.

That’s what we’re about. Making things easy.

…But Don’t be Scared to Modify it
One of the best parts about marketing for a startup? You have some time to figure out your brand. There is some leeway. Don’t expect your first idea to work. You might understand your company assets, but it does takes a little bit of testing to find out where your brand has room to grow, or change. (If you haven’t yet, take a look at Telegraph’s article featuring how 20 popular websites looked when they first launched.)

When we started talking about our company brand, we were sure about one thing – none of us knew what it would look like a decade from now.

Stay Loyal to Your Target Audience…But First, Find it
No matter what your brand message is, you need to know who will be using your product – especially if you want to make sure that the people who need your company know it exists.

Like we mentioned before, Wispeo is the ideal way to send files of any kind. But what makes it particularly unique is its ability to send large video files in high quality. It’s the perfect tool for videographers who want to switch files between devices, send video to clients, or collaborate with colleagues. In fact, it’s pretty dang useful for videographers and photographers alike… If you’re a photographer, we bet you’ve ran into issues  sending RAW images via email at some point. Wispeo makes it pretty easy to get around the waiting and speed up your workflow.

Go Cross-Channel…and Don’t be Scared of Your Online Voice
What you’re creating a brand message, its important that you make sure you’re covered on multiple platforms. First, you need to determine what platforms are going to be the most useful for your company.

In case you didn’t know already, we manage a blog. But we’re also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We like to focus on every platform when we market, which is why whenever we publish a blog post, we advertise the post on other social media channels too. We like to keep our voice consistent with our brand message – but we aren’t scared to change it up a bit depending on which platform we use. (Meaning we turn up the humor on our Twitter feed.)

Wispeo is now mobile! Get the easiest way to share videos and photos from your phone in the App Store or from Google Play.

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