Featured Creative: Madison Pratt

hen Madison Pratt takes footage, her goal is to capture raw emotion. She began to make a name for herself in the videography industry a little over a year ago. Now, Madison focuses on shooting weddings and producing creative engagement videos.

I love capturing “real” moments. When I go to edit, I mostly use clips of when my clients didn’t even know I was filming.

W: Can you tell us how you got your start?
MP: I’ve always had a passion for photography, but also had an interest in doing videography. I got my first camera about a year and a half ago and instantly started creating videos. I started taking some classes and fell in love with videography. I still have a ways to go, but am so thrilled with where I am.

{Corbin & Zoey} First Look from Maddie Pratt on Vimeo.

W: What is your biggest inspiration?
MP: My biggest inspiration would be other videographers here in Utah. There are many talented people, and I love being able to watch all the different styles and ways they film. Some people would consider it competition, but I would most definitely consider it inspiration. I love seeing how other people see images differently, and the ways they create differently, yet they’re all so beautiful.

{Austin & McKenzie} Reception from Maddie Pratt on Vimeo.

W: How would you describe your style?
MP: I love capturing “real” moments. When I go to edit, I mostly use clips of when my clients didn’t even know I was filming. I also love to create emotion through my videos. The videos I love most from other videographers are the ones I actually feel something from. I always try to create a very natural, real, emotional feel to my videos.

{Aaron & Angela} First Look from Maddie Pratt on Vimeo.

W: Tell us the story behind one of the photos/videos we’re featuring – why did you choose that photo/video to send?
MP: One of the videos I chose was a first look (My very favorite to film) at the Salt Lake [LDS] Temple. The trees had just blossomed and the lighting through the pink blossoms was insanely gorgeous. I can’t help but smile every time I watch that video.

W: Where are your favorite spots to shoot?
MP: Some of my favorite locations I have been able to shoot at are Thanksgiving Point, The Capitol, Garden Park Ward, and of course the Salt Lake Temple. I like a location that gives me a lot of scenery options and cool places to shoot.

{Ian & Tiffany} First Look from Maddie Pratt on Vimeo.

W: What kind of equipment do you use?
MP: I am still currently shooting with my first camera (Nikon D3200) but will be upgrading in the next couple of months. I have loved Nikon, and will most likely be staying with them. I primarily use my 50 mm lens. I use a Glidecam to shoot most of my videos, and will use a monopod every once in a while depending on the shoot. I edit on an iMac and use Final Cut to edit all of my videos with.

W: What challenges have you had to overcome in this industry?
MP: The biggest challenge I have had to overcome would be the mentality of this job. It’s so easy to compare yourself to others, and beat yourself up over it. I’ve really had to learn to compliment myself after each shoot or video, and that has seemed to help so much and has showed more confidence through my work. It’s important to learn from others work and not put yourself down over it.

{John & Cassidy} Wedding Highlights from Maddie Pratt on Vimeo.

W: How do you see your career progressing?
MP: I feel so blessed with how fast my business has taken off. I have only been doing it for a little over a year, and have had the opportunity to meet so many incredible people and will have the opportunity to meet more this summer through the upcoming shoots I have. I am currently a student majoring in marketing which I am hoping will help with this business. I will have to juggle school, my job, as well as this business, but know I can do it. I can’t wait until I graduate and am able to do this strictly as my full time job.

Madison is based in Utah.
Contact her on Facebook: Madison Pratt Videography, or Instagram: MadisonPrattVideography
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