5 Reasons Wispeo Makes Back To School Awesome

Ah September, the sweet time when we can kick back and celebrate school before all the work, exhaustion, and general apathy sets in and makes us wonder why we ever thought college would be a good idea.

In September school is still full of the promise of all the things you’ll learn, how you’ll be way more responsible with your time and not procrastinate this year, and all of the awesome fun memories you’ll make that will help you get through your 30s.

While you’re still high on school and how you’re really going to rock it this year, we wanted to tell you about a few ways you can use Wispeo to really make school (and your social life) work for you this year.

  1. Use Wispeo to share your summer videos with all your friends. Sure, you probably made some awesome memories with your favorite friends from college, but there were a lot of times you had the camera rolling when not all of your friends were there and you have to share it with them too. Texting and Facebook compress the video sometimes beyond recognition, fix this just by using Wispeo to share all of your videos longer than a minute with your friends. It’s a simple, one-shot way to get your video out to all of your friends. Letting your friends know what an awesome summer you had is an important part of making sure back to school rocks.
  2. Use Wispeo to share large files.Large file transfer” is not a very sexy way to describe your product, but when you have a file that’s too large for email and you’re about resort to knocking doors to find a thumb drive big enough to store your project on, “large file transfer” starts sounding like the most beautiful thing in the world. Throw out all those old flash drives (at least the ones you haven’t lost already) and let Wispeo deliver your large files to classmates and professors.
  3. Use Wispeo to make group projects slightly easier. I’m not sure very many people like group projects. It takes a lot to make schedules work and there’s always that one procrastinator that makes you end up doing twice the work and it’s frustrating. Plus, coordinating getting all the versions of whatever the project is to everyone can be a hassle. Sure, Google docs work for a short paper, but what about when you’re trying to create a group video? Or build an image heavy design document? Or when you need to share a mobile app you’re building? Using Wispeo to help coordinate all of your projects with your whole team will help the whole project run more smoothly.
  4. Use Wispeo to convert videos into other formats. Speaking of those group video projects, use Wispeo to convert videos filmed on your phone into formats that play nicely with ALL other devices (even PCs). Having a tool with free video conversion already on your phone is a nice way to look really tech savvy.
  5. Use Wispeo to share future memories you make. Back to school means a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun. You can use Wispeo to share videos with friends and family back home of the campus events, sports games, and fun times you and your friends have outside of the classroom.

We hope you weren’t using this article to procrastinate a homework assignment so early in the school year. But once you start to double down and get working on those projects, let Wispeo help you make at least one aspect of them a little bit easier.

Wispeo is now mobile! Get the easiest way to share videos and photos from your phone in the App Store or from Google Play.

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