“Watch Out GoPro,” Says Graava

Graava is a startup that’s produced a particularly interesting product: a smart camera. The Graava cam’s incredible capabilities foretell that it may be a serious GoPro competitor.

In fact, the Graava website features a quote by Forbes writer Ryan Mac. It says, “Watch out GoPro.”

According to Forbes’ article on the company, Graava CEO Bruno Gregory got the idea for the smart cam when he almost got hit by a car while cycling. Luckily, he was wearing a GoPro. After reviewing the footage of the incident, he prosecuted the driver who nearly killed him. Gregory reportedly dreamt up Graava following the experience – after he had to sift through hours of boring biking footage to finally find the moment when the driver almost ran him off the road.

Anyone who wants to capture great action shots has relied on GoPro cameras to do the job, but Gregory has a point – you can shoot hours of footage on a GoPro before capturing the amazing (or in his case, not so amazing,) footage that you really want to edit and share with friends.

Editing video shot on a GoPro can be really tedious.

The Graava is incredibly small – like, the size of a box of Tic Tacs. And according to the Graava site,the camera shoots in HD 1080p 30 fps, or 720p 60 fps. Hyperlapse footage can be shot in 4k. So the camera shoots in crazy-high resolution despite its size. But that’s not why people are talking.

Graava is waterproof and durable – like a GoPro. But it’s most impressive feature? Built-in editing software. Graava sensors have the ability to detect direction, movement, light, and acceleration. The camera comes with two high quality microphones, a speaker, and has an auto image rotation option that allows user to record either vertically or horizontally. Graava even features a sensor that tracks your heart rate, so it knows when you’re filming something exciting.

The camera’s crowdsourcing option may be of particular interest to action videographers who work on a team. The camera’s GPS system can link up to nearby Graava cameras, and gives videographers the option of editing footage together to capture multiple angles.

The camera also takes care of post-production. It will add and trim your music for you.

When it’s done cutting your footage, the Graava app will edit the footage a second time – to fit  whichever social media site you want to share it on, since sites like Instagram have a 15 seconds time limit for video posts.

The Graava cam will become available in early 2016 and will cost $400 (You can grab it for $250 if you preorder it now).

Once you get your Graava and all of your sweet action footage, use Wispeo to share the full resolution HD videos with your family and friends.

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