Filming from a Diorama’s Perspective: Karen Abad

aren Abad created a fantasy that every child has at some point. Overcoming the challenge of shooting with film and a diorama, Karen made this fun video where a special type of glue makes art come alive.

This video is an accurate representation of the style and work that I want to continue developing. That is, a whimsical and organic approach to life.

W: What was the inspiration behind Adventure Glue? How did you come up with the idea?

KA: As a child, I have always loved dioramas. I wanted to come up with a whimsical idea that incorporated a child creating a diorama and having the world almost come to life.

W: Did the concept change or develop over time?

KA: The main concept stayed the same throughout the project However, creating assets that moved (animated) within the box the little girl made did change over time.

W: What was the filming process like?

KA: The filmming process was a tad stressful. Since I shot with 35mm film, the equipment was extremely heavy and bulky. Also having to pay close attention to the amount of film being used was important so that we wouldn’t run out of film. My friend graciously let me use her daughter for the day so it was a matter of keeping the attention of a child while wrangling around heavy equipment on my own. As soon as I picked her up, we filmed the ending of the film first at a park in Vacaville. At this location it was just the me and the child. Then we quickly hopped in my car and drove an hour to San Francisco to film the rest of the scenes with the help of some of my grad school class mates. It is pretty hectic trying to set up shots while dealing with a child who has a short attention span and is constantly moving things on the set while the camera is being adjusted. All in all she did really great and my crew members were invaluable.

karen-abad-dioramaRESIZEDW: Did you have to use any special techniques while filming?

KA: The most technical aspect would have to be trying to film through the box to make it look like we were inside the diorama. Everything had to be rigged carefully and it was extremely windy that day.

W: What did you use to edit the video?

KA: The 35mm film was processed and telecined and then I edited the digital version in Final Cut Pro 7.

W: Do you feel like this video is an accurate representation of your style and work? Or do you have many different styles you have developed?

KA: This video is an accurate representation of the style and work that I want to continue developing. That is, a whimsical and organic approach to life. A lot of the styles I have developed through the last few years have been out of necessity, for work, and to pay bills, which have a more corporate aesthetic to them. But if I had the choice, I would make whimsical narrative shorts forever…it’s jut a matter of making money from them.

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