Capture Extreme Video Using…A Selfie Stick?

Pizza Hut recently released this video poking fun at the selfie stick trend. As you can see, the commercial’s selfie sticks keep getting longer and longer, lengthened in an effort to find the perfect shot to share with the “world…wide web.

We might make fun them, but selfie sticks are here to stay. Although popular with the general public, videographers and photographers have found a way to use selfie sticks to create some pretty cool footage. Selfie sticks enable a much wider depth of frame, which helps create the “wow factor” in videos like this one:

When GoPro and other adventure cameras first added the helmet mount, adventurers like bikers, skydivers, and snowboarders were able to capture footage in a new way. This skiing video is an awesome example of the unique video that can be captured by a helmet mount:

While the helmet attachment for GoPro allows for a first-person view, selfie sticks give a view of the facial expressions and background. This “face to face” interaction allows for the synergy between viewer and subject that videographers strive for. This rope swing video lets us see the exhilaration on the jumper’s faces. It enables videographers and amateur video makers to capture footage from a unique vantage point, (and it gives viewers a better connection with video subjects.)

Would you use a selfie stick to capture video? If you decide to try it out, head to Wispeo to share your footage with your circle.

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