Featured Creative: Brice Milleson

rice Milleson focuses on creating stories through his lens, which is why he is a self-described cinematographer. Often compared to YouTube sensations like Devin Super Tramp, Milleson’s work is creative, detail-oriented, and perfectly matched with audio.

I focus on telling a story through the lens, rather than with a script.

W: Can you tell us how you got your start?
BM: I got my start in videography about 10 years ago during my freshman year in high school. My friends and I seemed to do a lot of what you would call “stupid” stuff so we wanted to document it. Simply put, I had a camera and always found myself being the one to film it. I soon realized I had a passion for working with a camera and took that passion to skiing. I used my other passion of skiing as a gateway to film more. Fast forward 7 years and I was lucky enough to create a viral video that currently sits at over 8 million views on YouTube with the help of Ohio Dreams. Working closely with Ohio Dreams has allowed me to make several connections.

W: What is your biggest inspiration?
BM:Often people compare me to Devin Graham who is known as Devin Super Tramp. I think I truly realized where I wanted to take my career when I saw Devin’s original Rope Swing video which boosted his career as well. Not only have I looked up to Devin’s work, but I look to ski film companies like Level 1 and of course one of the biggest name in actions sports, Redbull.

W: How would you describe your style?
BM: I love me some crispy goodness, meaning I am a huge sucker for detail in pure quality. I think that’s why I began considering myself a cinematographer. I focus on telling a story through the lens, rather than with a script.

W: Tell us the story behind one of the photos/videos we’re featuring – why did you choose that photo/video to send?
BM: “Dedicated” is still one of my favorite videos to date. The idea was something I had been wanting to do for a while and when the day came to shoot, the weather wasn’t looking good. In Ohio the weather can change in an instant and sure enough it changed in our favor. The shoot began at 5:30am before the sun came up to get every shot of the subject Brandt going through his morning routine of setting up the terrain park. Before we knew it, it was the sunniest I have ever seen it at that ski resort and we filmed from sunrise to sundown. I ended up winning a contest with that video and still refer to it as some of my best work.

W: Where are your favorite spots to shoot?
BM: Out in the mountains. Seeing as I live in Ohio, this rarely happens but any time I can be in pure untouched nature, I am happy.

W: What kind of equipment do you use?
BM: My go-to piece of equipment is my trusty glidecam. It has an infinite amount of uses in a shoot to get any shot possible. When I’m not using a Sony mirrorless camera on the glidecam, I have my GoPro mounted to a Feiyu tech gimbal.

W: Do you have any special techniques? Do they define your style?
BM: I shoot with music in mind. Every shot I create, I already have a specific section of music picked out to match it perfectly. I believe your video is only as good as the audio you choose.

W: What challenges have you had to overcome in this industry?
BM: Money and resources. I know it sounds cliché but it’s the truth. I’ve found myself literally making equipment to meet the shot I want to create. I’ve made sliders, stabilizers, and even an attempt at a cable cam with whatever I could get in my garage and local hardware store. Heck, my grandmother gave me the loan to purchase my first real video camera. Ohio obviously isn’t the mecca of filmmaking so you have to get creative with your shooting. We don’t have studios or beautiful locations to shoot in as much as other states out west or the east coast would. I could film the exact same thing at a ski location in Ohio and a location out in the Rockies and the footage would look much better out west.

W: How do you see your career progressing?
BM: My long term goal is to become one of two things. One would be to work full time for YouTube, traveling, shooting content all over the world. The second would to be to work full time as a cinematographer for an action sports company like Redbull. See a pattern?

Brice is based in Ohio.
Contact him on Instagram: @bricemilleson, Twitter: @BriceMilleson, or YouTube: Brice Milleson
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