YouTube Red New Subscription Option

YouTube is launching a new subscription service where users pay $9.99 a month to get ad-free videos, save videos offline on a mobile device to watch later, and gives users a background audio only option that keeps videos playing while you use other apps or turn off your screen – it’s called YouTube Red.

It sounds like it could be a pretty sweet deal, and is definitely positioning YouTube as more than just an amateur video creator platform or home for weird cat videos, with YouTube gunning to create original content for YouTube Red following Netflix’s success with its original programming … though YouTube’s original content offerings definitely take a different direction in their themes, focusing on creating partnerships with some of YouTube’s current top stars.

We’ll see if YouTube’s current user demographic (used to getting everything for free and skewing pretty young) will pony up the cash for the subscription. If you do decide to go with the subscription option, definitely wait to get it on October 28 directly from YouTube on the web, you’ll pay an extra three dollars through Apple’s in-app purchase platform. Then you can sign in to the app and get the benefits on your phone without Apple’s 30% mark up.

We’re not sure how the new subscription service will affect content creators. Some things seem somewhat alarming at first blush – like the fact that creators who don’t agree to the new subscription terms will have their videos marked as private and they won’t be able to be seen by anyone. But YouTube says 99% of their content creators have agreed to the new subscription terms. So maybe marking only 1% of videos private won’t be that big of a deal.

YouTube also hasn’t laid out how they’ll share revenue with content creators. They have said that the “majority” of revenue will go to the creators, but that’s a pretty vague term. Currently content creators get 55 percent of the advertising revenue on their videos. In theory, this should only help add revenue for content creators, right? They’ll still get their ad-supported revenue from the free YouTube, and then the official YouTube blog says, “YouTube Red will play an important role in expanding user engagement on YouTube and provide creators like you with an additional way to get paid for the content you’re already creating.” Unless however they carve out $9.99 between all the videos subscribers watch ends up coming out far less than what the content creator would have gotten with ads.

Right now is probably not the time to worry. We’ll see how things go when the service is released to the masses on the 28th. We just hope that YouTube will still continue to be the awesome place we can go to find great videos from great artists.

In the meantime, you can still use Wispeo to send and share videos that aren’t for the masses at YouTube, free or otherwise. Share videos with your family, friends, and colleagues with Wispeo, now available in the App Store and from Google Play.

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