Google’s Jump Will Bring Virtual Reality Mainstream

Last week Google shook up the video world when they announced a new virtual reality platform called Jump and a collaboration with GoPro at their developers conference. Now, with Jump and Google’s previously released Cardboard, Google is bringing virtual reality to the mainstream.

Jump basically has three parts. First, the Jump rig Google showed off at the developers conference was a mount with 16 GoPro cameras in a circle that allows a videographer to capture 360 degrees of video on a single shoot. The second part of Jump is powerful software that takes the video from all 16 cameras and stitches it together into one 3D video. Then Jump also includes an update to YouTube (coming in July) so that users can view the Jump 3D videos on the platform. (Check out the video above, if you hover over the player you can shift the video around for a 360 degree experience.)

But the really exciting part is the way Jump works with Cardboard. Google’s Cardboard, maybe not the most stylish of the VR hardware that’s out there (but it’s way more affordable than Oculus Rift) turns your smartphone into a virtual reality viewer – and is likely going to be the way Google brings VR mainstream.

As totally immersive video becomes more common, videographers are going to have to start thinking about how this will impact the creation and delivery on their future video projects.

The technology to create these 3D videos is amazing, but what does it really mean? 16 cameras-worth of videos in one file. As Google says, “Assembled 3D videos are super high resolution – the equivalent of five 4kTVs playing at once.”

That’s great, but it’s already hard enough to move an HD file from one video camera around, how will you get a fully 3D video file sent to your clients easily?

Fortunately, like Google’s Jump is making creating VR a seamless experience, Wispeo is making sending and sharing HD video files an equally seamless experience. Use Wispeo to send – wisp – your videos to your clients, friends, or whomever wants to see your work without worrying about file sizes or compatible file formats. Wisping your videos takes the headache out of getting the movies in front of the people who need to see it, so you can focus on creating more stories.

Wispeo helps you get your stories to the people who want to see them.

Wispeo is now mobile! Get the easiest way to share videos and photos from your phone in the App Store or from Google Play.

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