Why Wispeo Should Be In Your Wedding

Ok, maybe you shouldn’t have someone wearing a Wispeo teal suit standing up as part of your wedding party, but you should definitely involve Wispeo in your wedding, especially if you want to capture all the special memories of one of the more significant days of your life.

While your wedding videographer and photographer are going to get amazing shots of the bride and groom, do you really think they’re going to capture the best images of your guests really celebrating your day? Not everyone in the wedding party will be happy about standing in the sun doing the awkward Pinterest poses.

That’s not news. Most people know this which is why many weddings post a wedding hashtag at events for Instagram goodness. But even then, are you really getting the best photos and videos of the day? Your wedding guests, no matter how many great videos they take wishing you the best in your new life, will be limited by both resolution and time limits sharing to social media (and maybe not wanting to overwhelm their followers’ feeds with pictures from your wedding).

Enter Wispeo. Your guests and friends can take as many high resolution, longer than 30 seconds videos of them enjoying your big day as they want and can easily wisp ALL of their photos and videos to you in one fell swoop. They get to make sure you know how awesome the whole day was and you get to see your friends celebrating you from every angle.

Why wouldn’t you want to use Wispeo to make your wedding better?

Our mobile apps will be available soon (for both Android and iOS), so start planning how you’re going to let your friends, family, and guests know that the easiest way to save the memories from your special day is to use Wispeo.

Wispeo is now mobile! Get the easiest way to share videos and photos from your phone in the App Store or from Google Play.

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