Baroque Youth: Cinematographer Steffen Krones

Cinematographer Steffen Krones entered a video contest with the challenge of presenting a historical city from a unique perspective.

W: What was the inspiration for this video?

SK: So, baroque youth was created because of a little contest. It was all about your own unique perspective of your city. Which is not too hard to see a city a little different from a skateboarder’s point of view. You just then have to tell the story right. I kind of wanted to combine the historic baroque part of the city and this young culture. Almost like a new age that begins when they take over the city.

W: How much planning was required before shooting?

SK: There was not a lot of planning to do for me because I already knew what I wanted to shoot. I had it all in my head. So I just checked the weather forecast and checked out a route to go through the city so we passed by the spots I really wanted to shoot at.

W: How did you choose the music and specific sounds to include?

SK: After the one day of filming I started to select the footage and tried to find a good track for it, which is really hard sometimes and can take a long time. After a whole day wasting time on that I stopped by at a friend’s place. He had already selected a lot of music which is good in general to use for all kind of videos. I browsed through the folder and when I heard that song I knew right away this is it. The whole selected footage started matching together like a puzzle before I even started editing.

W: Where did you shoot most of this video? Why did you choose these specific locations?

SK: I started with a little downhill to skate at because it’s close where me and my friends live and I knew I need some “fast footage”.

Then I went through the “Neustadt” which is a little artsy and alternative part of the city. And after that we passed by every touristic hotspots of the city.

The golden horse rider which used to be the king of the city. The river with the great skyline of the baroque part of the city. This impressive church where we’ve been super lucky with the light shining through the upper windows. When we passed by the townhall tower I knew I needed someone to do the same pose like the golden statue on top of the building. The statue is holding his hand over the city as a symbol of protection. And then my friend Ivan was holding up his skateboard like protecting the city with his skateboard. haha

W: What equipment did you use?

SK: I used a Canon 5D mark III with a 17mm wideangle, a 24mm a 50mm and a 100mm.

I filmed everything in raw using magic lantern. It’s a lot of data but the quality is brilliant.

W: What was involved in the editing process? What software did you use?

SK: I’m working with Adobe Premiere Pro. And that’s actually it. I didn’t use Aftereffects on this one like a few people thought I did some transition with. You have so many tools you just have to think about how to use them.

Visit Steffen’s Vimeo to see more of his work:

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