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10 Best Wedding Dance Videos on YouTube

Everybody loves a good wedding dance, but not every wedding dance is good. Ever since the Ballerina Wedding: Surprise Groomsmen Dance video (see below) surfaced last week, we’ve been watching a LOT of wedding dances. Not just groomsmen dances – we’ve watched every type of wedding dance in existence. Based on our observations and expertise, here are the requirements for a good wedding dance:

  • The participants must have at least some dancing skill, so it isn’t completely terrible
  • Apache (Jump On It) should not be part of the music mix (or any other cliché dance song for that matter) – quite honestly one could argue there’s too much Michael Jackson in these dances, but then again, you can never get enough MJ
  • There has to be a lot of audience engagement, otherwise it’s just awkward

You’ll notice that we made exceptions to these rules to include some dances that we thought were worth the exception. So without further ado, here are our top ten wedding dances:

 Kirk, a professional dancer, surprised his bride Valerie with an incredible dance performance by him and his groomsmen. Valerie is a ballerina with the Richmond Ballet and their wedding reception took place on the same stage they had shared as dancers in performances for the Richmond Ballet (CenterStage in Richmond, VA) (Description by Ginger Topham)

 A bride and groom surprised their friends and family with a special dance that they had been working on for quite a while! (Description by Josh Siegers)

 By far the best mother son dance we’ve ever seen.

 On June 22nd, 2013…Ryan and Leah Claxton began their life together as husband and wife. To kick off this incredible journey, they performed the most epic wedding dance of all time in celebration of the joy and love they share. I hope you enjoy! (Description by Ryan Claxton)

 With over 17,000,000 views, this might just be the original viral wedding dance video.

 If you haven’t seen these entrances, you may want to check out the JK Divorce Entrance Dance video and The T-Mobile Royal Wedding (full of royal look alikes), but here’s the inspiration for it all.

 The groom and his mother surprised their guests with a hilarious dance mashup, the bride didn’t even know this was going to happen! (Description by ML Photo & Film)

 This groom upped the ante and lip-synced the entire song.

 We 7 brothers surprised our dear sister at her wedding reception with this epic dance routine. With only 6 hours of rehearsals we put it together and put on a great show for her. The youngest brother is 15 years old and the eldest is 46 years old. (Description by Kishan Kotecha)

 The most impressive part of this dance is probably how well the bride moves in her ball gown.

There’s one more thing that makes the majority of these wedding dances great. Almost all of them had professional videographers to capture the fun memories. There’s no replacement for sharing videos in the highest quality, and Wispeo is here to help you do just that.

What dances were your favorites? Have any that didn’t get included on the list? Leave the link below, or wisp us your own wedding dance video to social@wispeo.com!

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