Featured Creative: Sam Wymer

am Wymer dove into photography after taking just one class. Now, he’s made a name for himself in the industry by taking extremely sharp photographs with his Canon Rebel T3. Sam’s career is taking off at an impressive rate – one of his most recent accomplishments? Being featured as a “suggested user” on Instagram.

For me it all started with one class and a camera in my hand.


W: Can you tell us how you got your start?
SW: I first started taking photos back in high school for a photography course I was required to take. I instantly fell in love with the art and it quickly became something I became passionate about. Ever since then I’ve stuck with it and now do professional work for brands hoping to promote their products on Instagram. For me it all started with one class and a camera in my hand.



W: What is your biggest inspiration?
SW: I’ve found that the majority of my inspiration either comes from viewing other photographers’ work or ideas that seem to pop up in my head on location. I’ve found that viewing other creative people’s work helps to bring out my own creative mind.


W: How would you describe your style?
SW: Hmm… I’d say that throughout my collection of works I like to take clean and sharp images.


W: Tell us the story behind one of the photos/videos we’re featuring – why did you choose that photo/video to send?
SW: I chose this photo of the Bay Bridge in SF because of the story and effort behind the photo. For this photo I had to drive out to Treasure Island and hike my way to this view of the bridge. As I was taking photos of the Bay Bridge I suddenly heard loud sirens behind me as a police officer rolled up and began yelling at my to leave the area. I quickly ran away into the bushes as the officer shouted that he didn’t want to see me again. After waiting for a long while I decided to take a few more photos before I left. This shot was one of those photos. I have to say that even through all of this it was all worth it  once I saw this photo on my computer later that day.


W: Where are your favorite spots to shoot?
SW: Hands down my favorite spots are in California. Since living in California I’ve found some of the most diverse and exciting landscapes. There is simply so much this state has to offer for photographer. A couple of my favorite spots include Yosemite, Big Sur, LA, and SF.


W: What kind of equipment do you use?
SW: I’m currently not packing anything too fancy. Right now I shoot with a Cannon Rebel T3. I know it’s hardly anything to brag about but I am upgrading all of my gear this time next month. I plan on buying a Cannon 5D and a variety of lenses to better serve my clients.


W: Do you have any special techniques? Do they define your style?
SW: I’d have to say that I lean towards wide images with the majority of my work. Because of the lenses I shoot with I currently lean away from up close images. Although as I upgrade lenses in the near future I am convinced that this will change with the new equipment.


W: What challenges have you had to overcome in this industry?
SW: So far I have not experienced too many challenges in this industry. For me personally this journey has been one that’s enjoyable and fulfilling. Although I do not know if that will change overtime. Currently things are going very well.


W: How do you see your career progressing?
SW: I see myself down the road doing this full time. I’d love to one day be a full-time photographer for a specific company instead of freelance. This is simply because I desire job security in this field. Although I currently love having the freedom to work with many different companies. I hope that over time I will continue to have the opportunities to do what I love and capture more of the world around me.


Contact Sam on Instagram: sam_wymer, or his website: samwymer.weebly.com

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