7 Sides of Devinsupertramp

It’s hard to work in the videography world (or spend time on YouTube) and not know who Devinsupertramp is. Most well-known for his adventure videos, he takes on any challenge that could do serious bodily harm (it just always seems to work out that way). Lesser known are his safer, more grounded (literally) videos featuring everything from travel to music. We’ve put together a list of what we think are the seven sides of Devinsupertramp videos. We think these give a fair representation of his abilities (and the insane stunts Team Supertramp pulls off):

Bungy Jumping – If you have a fear of heights, this probably isn’t a great video to watch considering every jump is from the “world’s highest (fill in the blank).”

Water Sports – Flyboards are becoming an even bigger deal, and these guys make it look fun and easy (belly flopping on one of these things has got to be painful).

Zorb Balls – You know the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland that almost drops the ball on you, but you always manage to escape just in time? With this blow up toy, there’s no escaping once you’re in its path.

Mobile – If your average, everyday parkour isn’t exciting enough, put some wheels under yourself and see what happens (and don’t try this at home).

Assassin’s Creed – There are several Assassin’s Creed videos, and they’ve only grown in intricacy, size, and scope as Devinsupertramp’s fame has exploded.

Travel – Devinsupertramp is known mainly for his adventure and extreme sports videos, but he is a truly talented travel videographer. He’s been all over the world, and his videos share some of the cultures and sites he’s had the privilege of visiting.

Artistic – And then there’s Devinsupertramp’s artistic side. We wouldn’t exactly call dancing with fire on your ice skates safe, but what could go wrong with mixing fire and ice?

Be sure to check out the behind the scenes of all of these videos because seeing how they’re made is just as cool as the final result. What are your favorite Devinsupertramp videos? Share in the comments below!

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